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Why I Want You as a Client …
I believe that every woman with inner beauty is beautiful on the outside as well.  Sometimes that outer beauty is locked inside by self-doubt.  As a photographer, I relish the challenge of picking that lock.

Why I’m the Right Photographer for You…
If you’re looking for edgy, sexy, daring, and inspiring photographs, then you’ve found the right photographer. I defiantly eschew the safe and ordinary to deliver a unique edge.  My promise is to deliver extraordinary photography in an ordinary world. Think less cliche.  Think more empowerment.

How I Get the Best, Sexiest, Most Beautiful You, the Honest Way…
Though I primarily work in digital, my long-time film background drives me to get the image with the camera, not by falsely recreating it in Photoshop. I draw on my experience, my meticulous lighting, and my passion for the photographic arts to get the very best you — the real you.  Yes, I will do the appropriate amount of post production (“Photoshopping”) for your final images, but only in tone, contrast, and overall colors.  I don’t change your shape with a computer, because you won’t feel as good about showing off the photos.

My promise is to use my talent to let your genuine beauty shine through.

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